STAAD analysis

WES engineers have expertise in structural engineering & design of heavy steel structures, structural sheds, building structure, pipe racks, cable racks, supporting structures for skid frames, pipes, ducts and equipment. STAAD.Pro, Tekla Structure (X-Steel), AutoCAD are some of the software used by WES team. Structural engineering using such software helps WES to provide accurate and cost-effective designs to all our clients with quick turnaround time.


Stress analysis

Piping Stress Analysis is an important part of any high pressure and high temperature piping system in the plant. WES’s Piping Engineers are focused to deliver top quality engineering and design that is safe and fit for purpose. The team is committed to provide comprehensive analysis and services with a supreme level of engineering integrity and skill. Stress analysis has been done in WES for piping system response to thermal, dead weight & pressure loads, analysis of wind load, support settlement, seismic loads and wave loads. It is done in such a way that the excessive stresses, displacements, forces & moments, loads at terminal point and supports are calculated and reduced within the limit using suitable supports. It is done using Caesar II software for stress analysis. WES team have wide experience of doing stress analysis for metallic and non-metallic piping in various industry segments like oil and gas, power, fertilizer, petrochemical, desalination, municipal, manufacturing and steel.


Surge analysis

Hydraulic systems are to be analyzed for potential surge risk and by doing so, sufficient surge mitigation shall be designed. WES is aware of the severity of the risk associated with pressure surge in the system and we do surge analysis, wherever it is required. It is analysis of water hammer effect on pumping and piping systems. We offer a complete surge analysis package to our clients by providing full surge analysis, by giving technical awareness. We also review and check surge analysis work done by others and assist clients in developing end to end solutions.


Computational fluid dynamics

WES conducts computation fluid dynamics analysis to analyze the flow in the sump for studying the suitability of the pump sump arrangement. Fluid flow in sumps is complex which involves expansion, turns together with fluid structure interaction. It is essential that pumps operating in such sumps get smooth swirl free flow at its entry. CFD analysis is an important tool for analysis and design in sump flow studies. WES engineers have done CFD analysis for various desalination projects domestic as well as international projects.