Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) Capabilities

WES provides integrated solutions to clients to manage their internal business drivers, using the expertise gained from providing front-end engineering and design (FEED) services to clients in water and waste water field for various industries, including oil and gas, power, municipal, fertilizer, steel, semiconductor and mining. WES has provided FEED services for several hundred projects, including state-of-the-art technologies, world scale mega projects, and licensor design packages. WES has extensive experience in preparing lump sum bid packages.


Front-end engineering and design is defined as the work required to produce process and engineering documentation of sufficient quality and depth to adequately define the project requirements for detailed engineering, procurement and construction of facilities and to support a ±10 percent project cost estimate. This distinct project phase is typically used to:

  • Evaluate options that will improve the return on assets (ROA)


  • Conduct hazardous operations reviews


  • Support internal funding requirements


  • Develop the engineering design packages that can be used to bid a lump sum EPC scope and / or provide the foundation for the detailed engineering phase


  • Prepare cost estimates for scope definition and for project funding

WES’s highly experienced team has quick solutions for plant optimization and preliminary layout; the team can quickly evaluate design options for cost optimization of process plant facility designs.


In pre-FEED and FEED activities, our skilled resources enable the rapid creation of conceptual 3D plant models along with routing, equipment creation, and material quantity downloads. Our multi-disciplinary design teams are able to quickly create and evaluate multiple “what-if” scenarios, selecting and refining for the optimum facility arrangement.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering department mainly caters to the buyout equipment like Rotary equipment like axial split pumps, radial split pumps, vertical turbine pumps, sanitized application pumps, blowers, compressors, mixers, screw pumps, dosing pumps, etc. major equipment like Clarifier mechanism, clariflocculator, tube settlers, DAF, thickeners, oil water separators, centrifuges, energy recovery devices, membranes, tubes, media traps, mechanical filters, etc. and inline components like various type of auto and manual valves, strainers. The team is also responsible for packaged items (chlorination, lime handling systems, de-aerator, sequential batch reactor, membrane bio reactor, calcium chloride dosing system, oxygen generation and dosing system, Ozonation system, chlorine dioxide generation and dosing system, firefighting system, etc.)


This team also works on software like pipenet for hydraulic calculations, preparation of technical specifications for buyout material, vendor evaluation, technical bid evaluation and responsible for manufacturing clearances and site support for erection and commissioning.


The team possesses multiple industry experience and strong technical background which helps us deliver faster.

Piping Engineering

WES’s domain expert piping team is well equipped with latest software, possesses knowledge of all international standards & codes and is capable to deliver high accuracy output.


Piping team is responsible for all type of layouts, civil guide drawings, preparation of specifications, pipe routing, piping frontal arrangement, piping skids for specialty systems like RO, UF, MF, dosing systems, instrument hook ups, tube routing, plant modeling using software like PDS, PDMS, SP3D, Cadison, propipe, bulk MTO preparation, isometric extraction, support location and support detailing with the help of STAAD.


The team has thorough knowledge on metallurgies like CS, SS, DSS, PP, PVC, PVDF, HDPE, GRE, lined piping, etc.


Team has various industry experiences with engineers and designers having 30 plus years of experience.

Controls & Instrumentation Engineering

WES’s highly experienced team of control and instrumentation is proficient in design of complete plant instrumentation, control and automation system for fully automatic and semi-automatic plants, wireless communication system,telecom system, laboratory management system, instrument asset management system (IAMS), vibration monitoring system, F&G systems, CCTV system, hardwired control panel, mimic display of the plant, HMI & SCADA.


The team is having its expertise in smart plant instrumentation (SPI), INTOOLs, Cadison, PLC & DCS system design, PLC / DCS integration with third party software/system, report generation, time synchronization with GPS system and involved in PLC/DCS FAT as well as support on erection and commissioning.


The team is led by industry veterans with 30 plus years of experience in various industry sectors.

Electrical Engineering

WES’s team of Electrical Engineering has vast experience of design & detailed engineering of electrical infrastructure facilities required for complete plant with design calculations, preparation of single line diagrams & specification of HT/LT Switchgears, distribution transformers, HT/LT cabling, HT/LT motors, variable frequency drives and other auxiliaries complying to National & International standards, hands on experience in electrical software like ETAP (for Load flow study, short circuit analysis & other studies) and lighting software like DiaLux for indoor/outdoor lighting design.


The team is having its expertise in preparation of substation & MCC room layouts, cable tray layout, earthing & lightning protection layout and Illumination layout, 3D modeling using software.


The team is led by industry veterans with 30 plus years of experience in various industry sectors.

Civil Engineering

Civil team is led by veterans with 35 plus years of experience and the team has highly passionate and technically strong resources is capable of handling Geo technical analysis, structural engineering including wind and seismic analysis using various international standards, foundation engineering (rock anchoring, pile, raft, isolated and strip), design of buildings and liquid retaining structures.

Pumping system design

This involves hydraulic calculations, pump specifications and selection, network modeling, surge analysis, appropriate venting system, valve selection, energy efficiency and performance evaluation for existing pumping stations, design of pumping stations and cross country piping.
This task is a multidisciplinary task handled by respective discipline experts from Mechanical, process and piping.

Process Simulation

Design, development, analysis, and optimization of technical processes such as, chemical plants, chemical processes, environmental systems, power stations, complex manufacturing operations, biological processes, and similar technical functions using competitive software.

Plant Remote Monitoring System

This is an innovative step in the plant operation monitoring to achieve efficient and cost effective plant operation by monitoring and supporting. Sitting at one place, remote monitoring empowers us to monitor the plant performance and process changes of plants located at various places, thousands of kilometers away.


Enhanced trouble shooting, analyzing and improving the plant performances, continuous monitoring reduces the possibility of plant shutdown, real time reports, and limited access to qualified engineers at remote sites and to identify human related errors in monitoring. Remote monitoring increases overall efficiency by saving time and reducing expenditure, so that the organization can use their valuable resources better instead of travelling to the site for trouble shooting. All monitored computers in a network become visible in a single center, providing organizations with real time information. Teams can share their views to address issues, resulting in better efficiencies and improved accuracy. Organizations can respond to multiple sites and issues. Live view of site SCADA screen is useful for easy understanding and process trouble shooting a problem. Minimizing labor cost.